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Welcome to our hotel internet marketing service page, whether you run a hotel website or a relate-to travel website or agency site, we have various solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Internet booking engine (IBE)
  Think about how many customers you lose to your competitors or they decide to book with a reliable online travel agency providing instant confirmation and good rate. Also consider 10-20% commission paid-out rate to those agencies. Our IBE (internet booking engine) can increase your revenue, as well as, higher profit margin per transaction.
Hotel Web Design and Development
  As a leading hotel web design company, our agency designs and develops hotel websites across the globe…we offer custom web designs as well as a range of web design packages and templates to suit every budget from B&B’s to luxury five star hotels and resorts.
Search Engine Optimization
  If potential customers can't find you organically online, you could be missing out on a lot of potential business. The most generalised statement we hear is, "I would like to be number one on the search engines". This is where our years of experience and an extensive range of proven strategies will bring you targeted results.
Pay-Per-Click Management
  Pay-per-click marketing is an easy and quick way to start advertising your hotels and resorts at any budget. Since most website owners will allow you to place a link on their site for free, you don’t have to pay anything for this step. You will pay only there is customer click on your ads.
Email Marketing
  Email marketing campaign works better for hospitality business today than ever before…and with more measurable outcomes than all spending over MySpace, FaceBook , Twitter and other “social network marketing” flavours of the month being bandied around. A research found that higher percentage, around 90% of the respondent’s retained emails were travel related proving that, when properly executed, email is still a highly effective marketing medium for the hotel and travel sector!

But email was always supposed to be a cost-effective medium for maintaining “top of mind” awareness, a reminder that your hotel is the ideal place to stay, meet or dine…and then it got complicated by SPAM Acts, Opt Ins and Outs…and it got expensive…but not any more.
PR & Advertising
  Media planning, negotiating, artwork design, advertising concept, public relations planning and media relations are all critical factors of a winning communications campaign.

Whether it is paid advertising by cash or barter, partnership marketing or promotions, third-party testimonials or editorial features and mentions, we utilize every possible avenue to deliver your message with the utmost impact to your target audiences.

We'll get you noticed. Design is not just for show; without substance and consistency, it is just another pretty picture. We make sure that the imagery and content are integrated with your branding, always delivering the experience and brand promise offered by your hotel & resort. Our capabilities for creative branding and design are complementary to the value of our public relations work. Our shared knowledge, creative vision, and innovation enable the successful delivery of your message at all levels.
Social Network Marketing
  Online Social Media Networks are becoming an important component of Hotel Internet Marketing but web designers are faced with the dilemma of finding an attractive and non-obtrusive way of integrating Social Media networking tools without overwhelming the existing hotel web design. Here are some clever examples of how to integrate Social Media networking icons and tools seamlessly into your website design.
Web Mainentance Services
  We offer a professional website update service providing 'one off' or regular website updates for affordable prices for hotel and travel websites in the Thailand and worldwide. We provide a fast and efficient solution for all your hotel website updating needs with the web design knowledge necessary to fix and repair website problems.
Online Payment System
  Our Payment solution allows your hotel site to be redirected to a secure online payment page via HTTP FORM POST. Customers will enter their credit card details and finalise their payment before being returned to your website. Integrate your hotel website with the well-known secured online payment gateway and forgot your payment-related problems.
Professional Photo Shooting
  It is undeniable that resort pictures is the critical material to easily draw attention from customers. For us, photographing is the beginning of marketing no matter which form of marketing media you use, they always include pictures. Look & Feel of your hotel is not created by text but it’s about what they see.